The five best cuisines in the world

Here is a list of the different cooking recipes across the world where you will find the most delicious food that have unusual recipes for taste and fitness.

1. French cuisine. Such cuisine is also known as “haute cuisine” due to the amount of research, tradition and technology that have gone into refining the recipes. From cheese to wine you will find a wide and versatile range along with delicious pastry items.

2. Italian cuisine. Its origins go as far back as the 4th century BC. Italians are known to have discovered the uses of ingredients like potatoes, maize and tomatoes. The country has made dishes like pizza and pasta famous through the world as well as desserts like Tiramisu. There are over 400 types of cheese discovered by the Italians and known for their unique flavor.

3. Chinese cuisine. It is one of the most popular cuisine as these recipes are easy-to-cook. These dishes do not take much time to prepare and they are cheap and delicious. Most Chinese meals are inclusive of rice and some dishes are cooked with unusual ingredients like insects or dog meat that are not popular as far as the European palate is concerned.

4. Indian cuisine. It is an extremely popular and diverse cuisine which is served in restaurants worldwide. The cuisine is usually segregated into three types like South Indian, West Indian and East Indian though the Northern dishes are more popular. There are many dishes that are a blend of vegetables which include meat like goat, lamb, chicken as well as fish. One of the main characteristics of this type of cuisine is its extremely hot and spicy flavor due to which one needs to start taking such dishes in small proportions.

5. Thai cuisine. Most travelers to the country will claim that Thai food with its balance of sweet, sour, bitter and savory flavors is one of the main reasons to visit the country. The use of fresh spices and herbs like coriander, lemongrass, cinnamon and others account for the tangy flavors of the food. There is widespread use of fish, seafood and rice. There are unusual dishes like fried insect larvae and raw beef as well.