Fashion management


Fashion management is a course regarding the fashion industry. The student of fashion management should have the ability such as attentive mind, business intelligence, work under pressure and an eye for detail. They should also have creative thoughts along with the knowledge of understanding the market and the economy as a whole. The students of the fashion management have their career in international marketing, brand management, global sourcing, retail management, visual merchandising, export merchandising, product development, Fashion merchandising and in consultancy also.


A lot of job opportunities in the retail sector, marketing firms and advertising in addition to fashion houses. Fashion management is a new discipline within the larger fashion industry that provides training professionals in various aspects of marketing, managing the product and merchandising. This decides the new look and ambience of fashion stores and determine the probability of success of a product.

Fashion management is a course for the students who want to combine their creative skills with business intelligence. They can conduct fashion shows in various cities or creating an engaging window display. Fashion management also involves garment retailing. If provides the mix of marketing and management knowledge and skills to match the resource requirements of the global fashion market.

Students of fashion management are taught to sell the products, to start a new store, to promote the product and to develop the brand. They have the knowledge in market dynamics too. In the beginning, principles of marketing and management are introduced to the students.

It focuses on the fashion business. Marketing skills and product related knowledge are the more focused areas. The course integrates the classroom learning with practical experience. Perception management is a strong component in the fashion industry. It is the responsible of fashion stylists for providing perception management in the branding of products. Perception management also influences purchasing decisions.

As a part of practical experience, the students involve themselves in rural development projects. They can also undertake the company sponsored graduation projects to integrate with the usual learning. Fashion merchandising, fashion marketing and fashion retail are the important constituents of the fashion management. Some advanced courses in fashion management covers retail revolution, supply chain management, advertising and management brand promotions. Students can specialize in fashion retailing, visual merchandising to handle fashion, marketing, events and exclusive lifestyle space. Fashion management creates the public role of both individuals and businesses through the means of appearance and communication skills.