Feature Film Winners. Part 1

Adam Abel and Ryan Little

Feature Film Winners
Action/Drama -- 90:30

"Saints and Soldiers" is an action packed story based on the horrifying historical event known as the "Malmedy Massacre." The movie details the escape of 5 allied soldiers from the massacre and their struggle to remain alive behind enemy lines.

Adam Abel began his filmmaking career as an intern in the "creative affairs group" at Paramount Pictures. Working with Paramount and other notable companies has given Adam a wealth of production experience. Adam partnered with Ryan Little to do "Saints and Soldiers." This is Adam's first feature film as producer.

Ryan Little is an award-winning director. Garnering such awards as a Student Emmy, Jimmy Stewart Crystal Heart, and Best American Director has propelled Ryan's talents and abilities into the eyes of many industry professionals. "Saints and Soldiers" is Ryan's second feature film as director.

Simon Gornick & Nancy Babka

Feature film Winners
Drama - 87:19

When an ambitious LA designer hits the big time and dumps the wife who supported him - for a slew of younger women -- she hires an angelic grifter to be his idea of perfection, then totally dismantle his professional and emotional life. And that's only the beginning...

Simon Gornick (Writer/Director) - Born and bred in London, Simon Gornick has penned a number of highly regarded screenplays, turning one of them into his directorial debut, "Art of Revenge". He has two follow-up directing projects in active development, a haunting drama set in London, and an action-thriller to star Marlee Matlin.

Nancy Babka (Executive Producer) - "Art of Revenge" is the debut feature film to come out of Nancy Babka's Thrill Ride Productions. Nancy also has nearly a dozen stage productions along Hollywood's Theatre Row to her credit, working hand-in-hand with directors as diverse as Mark Ruffalo and "Curb Your Enthusiasm's" Robert B. Weide.