Feature Film Winners. Part 7

Dominic Inzana

Short Film Winner
Dark Comedy - 5:00

The elevator doors close, and suddenly our neurotic friend finds himself trapped with a raging stranger. Running out of time and options, our victim makes a desperate offer that can't be refused. "Going Down" offers a glimpse of his personal hell with a wickedly funny twist.

"Going Down" marks Dominic's directorial debut. What he lacks in a traditional film education, he more than makes up for with persistence and passion. Dominic found directing himself to be quite refreshing, although no stranger to the other side of the camera, appearing in several film and stage productions.

Charles Williams & Joel Kohn

Short Film Winners
Musical/Comedy - 17:00

David Mann, a wealthy lawyer, arrives home to find his wife has left him and his house is being burgled. Too emotionally drained to care, he leaves the intruder to finish his work and retreats to the local pub. Here the unusual clientele teach David some valuable but intoxicating lessons.

'The Charles & Joel Show' have been making short films from the age of 13. The pair have been making commercials in Australia since their last short won the Director's Award at Tropfest 2002. Now 21, they continue to swap roles while developing a Feature Film for production in 2004.

Hyung suk Lee

Short Film Winner
"Chapter 2; How To Breathe"
Dramedy - 21 : 00

Ji-su is a boy who lives in a village adjacent to a shooting gallery. He peeps into uncle's room as usual through a hole on the wall and goes to the deer farm. He does something for his dog. But it leads him to a situation never dreamed of...

Lee Hyung-suk was born in Seoul, Korea. He studied journalism and communication in Yonsei University. His short film, Templementary (2001), was screened in Pusan International Film Festival and New York International Independent Film And Video Festival, and it won DONGBAEK Grand Award at Pusan Asian Short Film Festival.