Feature Film Winners. Part 5

Anney Bonney

Short Film Winner
Experimental - 6:13

Double Fiesta submerges us in the pleasure of the Shadow//Self to celebrate Meredith Monk's composition of the same name, performed and inspired by Anthony de Mare. Video stars Anthony de Mare and introduces Elijah Myers.

Anney Bonney is a New York artist, living downtown, making paintings, films, videos and related hybrids for the last 25 years+. Before New York, she went to Wellesley and lived in a treehouse in Kauai.

Miguel A. Velez & Ernesto Camara

Short Film Winners
Comedy/Drama 17:58

Settle in and spend some time with Eve. Who is Eve? You decide as she visits her daily haunt to observe those who encircle her table.

Directing brother team, Miguel.A Velez and Ernesto Camara, have a long list of accomplishments in Music Video and Television Commercial productions. "Eve's Dropping In" is their first narrative film which they co-wrote, co-produced, and co-directed.

Dominick Domingo

Short Film Winner
Surreal Drama - 20:00

Mojave Desert circa 1940. A migrant aqueduct worker wanders through a local roadside diner and becomes the unwitting escape fantasy for its proprietor, a Mexican immigrant woman abused by her gringo husband, and for their orphaned nephew, who longs for a real family.

Dominick graduated with distinction from Art Center. He spent the next ten years at Disney Feature Animation, painting Backgrounds for Lion King, Pocahontas, Hunchback , Tarzan, and Fantasia. He recently transitioned into live-action filmmaking, attending New York Film Academy. "The Passer-By" is his second film. He is currently developing a feature.