Feature Film Winners. Part 3

David Craig

Feature Film Winners
Action/Drama -- 90:30

"Saints and Soldiers" is an action packed story based on the horrifying historical event known as the "Malmedy Massacre." The movie details the escape of 5 allied soldiers from the massacre and their struggle to remain alive behind enemy lines.

Adam Abel began his filmmaking career as an intern in the "creative affairs group" at Paramount Pictures. Working with Paramount and other notable companies has given Adam a wealth of production experience. Adam partnered with Ryan Little to do "Saints and Soldiers." This is Adam's first feature film as producer.

Ryan Little is an award-winning director. Garnering such awards as a Student Emmy, Jimmy Stewart Crystal Heart, and Best American Director has propelled Ryan's talents and abilities into the eyes of many industry professionals. "Saints and Soldiers" is Ryan's second feature film as director.

Robert Gillings

Feature Film Winner
Drama - 64:25

The rise and fall of three friends raised on the streets and schoolyards of Brooklyn, looking for a better life, looking to become the" Kings Of Brooklyn". Can the bonds they formed growing up overcome the greed, lust and bloodthirsty ambition that threatens to destroy more than just their friendships?

Robert Gillings born and raised in Brooklyn, NY to a struggling working class family.he uses his life's experience and observations to write and produce this powerful story of ambition, greed, tradegy, abuse and sex.

Megan Griffiths

Feature Film Winner
Drama/Comedy - 100:00

When Gillian enrolls at Frankie's School of Beauty with her friend Jay, she immediately wishes she hadn't. Along with learning to cut hair, which she quickly realizes she has no natural affinity for, she is also forced to resolve thorny issues from her past that she has long kept buried.

In 2000, Megan Griffiths received her MFA from Ohio University School of Film and moved to Seattle. In 2002, Megan felt ready to wrangle enough freebies and discounts to produce and direct her own feature debut "First Aid for Choking", a story set in her Idaho hometown.

Randi Hoffmann

Feature Film Winner
Suspense - 64:00

Sarah is obsessed with forcing Joy to acknowledge their past relationship, whereas Joy is determined to leave that past far behind her. A compelling psychological drama, "The Other Side of Joy" explores themes of madness, obsession and denial, and spiritual transcendence.

Randi Hoffmann, an award winning writer and film director, has traveled the world making narratives and documentaries. She is fascinated by the surreal and by life behind the facade. Because of her deafness, much of the spoken word was lost, and she strives for a cinema that speaks beyond words.