Byrne on Houston

For those of you expecting entertainment in the form of frequent music postings, I apologize. It’s been a while since I’ve offered up some aural pleasures (h/t to The Nyominx) to you guys.

And this one’s a goodie! It would take quite a few servings of medium-rare lamb chops with mint jelly to make me listen to a Whitney Houston song. I can’t endorse that diva-ish wailing (or her cocaine addiction). That extrvagance needs to be brought under control. But I will listen to a Whitney Houston song as covered by the great David Byrne.

Not available on any of Byrne’s album releases, his cover of Houston’s pop hit I Wanna Dance With Somebody is fantastic. Complete with a string quartet and some Latin-flavored percussion, the song features Byrne’s live voice in peak form.

So invite some friends over, pop a couple bottles of good pinot grigio. Hit the repeat button and dance with Byrne all night.
PS…Be sure to check out one of my new favorite reads, Truly Bad Films. Chai-rista, your host, is also a huge fan of David Byrne. Chai-rista’s meeting at a Byrne book signing is recounted here, as a “Brush with Greatness.” If I’d met Byrne, I’d be inclined to say the same.